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Uncle Sam Will Pay You to Run a Home Based BusinessDATE: 01/21/2015

Are you tired of spending your last dollar trying to support your family? No matter how hard you try, you just don't have enough money. Are you overworked but underpaid or don't have a job? Than the information contained In this article if applied can enlighten one to see that there is another way, and Uncle Sam wants to help!
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Two Things You Must Do to Succeed in Network MarketingDATE: 01/19/2015

According to Forbes, about 56% of people would like to start their own business, and 9% actually do so. There are no precise stats on failure rates for small, home based businesses, since they are not required to report to government agencies if they have no employees. It is estimated that about half of business start-ups will give up within the first two years.
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What Is the Role of a Sponsor in a Network Marketing Business?DATE: 01/19/2015

And What Are the Qualities of a Good Team Member? The role of a sponsor is not to build a business for their team members.
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Whoosh - The Case of the Disappearing RepDATE: 01/17/2015

Ever had someone join your business, pay good money to join your program, then completely disappear on you? It's as if they never existed. And for all I know they didn't, although the attractive commission deposited into my bank account suggested otherwise. I've had people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars with me on their new venture, then do their Mandrake the Magician disappearing trick, never to be seen again.
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